PST- Kinesiotape (Proprioceptive Taping)


After an idea by Dr. Kenzo Kase, this form of taping has become more and more popular in Germany over the last 15 years. The difference to the classic tape is the material ( colored and elastic tape) on the one hand and on the other the effect that it has on the body. While traditional tape is based on a mechanical stabilization of joints, the PST-Tape has an activating effect on the body´s own processes. Through the elastic material it should produced a rapid pain relief, regulation of tension in muscles, improvement of muscle- , joint functions and blood flow without restricting the range of motion of any joint. It can also be used in cases of an acute swelling called lymphtaping. It does not restrict the mobility of the joints and usually stays on the skin for several days ( between 5 to 7 days depending on activities).

Uses: tennis elbow, shoulder, whole spine, tape for posture, knee, ankle, achilles tendon, jaw joint, lymphtaping and much more...

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