Shiatsu is a special form of acupressure, which was developed on the principles of traditional chinese medicine (TCM) in Japan. It is accepted as therapy of the Ministry of Health there. TCM is based on the concept of "Ki" ( in China "Qi") to be understood as universal life energy.

It is believed , that in the human body certain qualities of this energy are flowing in paths in a circle, called meridians. If there is a block of energy flow, that the body can not balance on its own, it can result in discomfort and eventually disease, which is not only seen on the physical but also on a psychological and spiritual level. An energy disturbance can be detected very early, long before they cause diseases, all methods of TCM are primarily to maintain health, but are also effective when there is already disease. 

Shiatsu means "pressure with fingers". By applying pressure along the meridians and especially on certain points, the energy flow is stimulated and harmonized and self-healing powers of the body are supported. The pressure along the meridians is performed with fingers, palms, knees or feet without using other tools. In contrast to acupuncture or other acupressure techniques Shiatsu is treating the entire meridians and not only certain points. 

In addition there will also be other treatments such as stretching, rotation of joints or breathing exercises. Similar to the effect of acupuncture, Shiatsu has an analgetic, relaxing, reassuring or activating effect on the body. The treatment generally stimulates the autonomic nervous system (supporting the function of all organs), the immune system, various neurotransmitters and the endocrine system. The blood flow, lymph circulation system and the respiratory system are also supported. The tension in muscles are regulated, the mobility, balance, coordination and body awareness is also improved.

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