Slingtraining/ Suspension Training/TRX –Training  for everybody


... is an easy however highly effective work out for the entire body, based on your own body weight.






By shifting a part of your body weight to the Sling Trainer, you stimulate the ropes. At a certain point whilst holding the tension, you will start to tremble. Your body automatically tries to redress the balance in order to gain stability.

Sling Training uses this "stabilization reflex", no matter if you have the hands or the feet in the slings. Your body tries to regain balance and activates small muscles, that are located right next to the joints. These are the so called local stabilizers. Those muscles  give your body strength and balance, whereas normal strengthening  exercises like lifting weights or workout in gym does not activate them in the same way as sling training.


Your body has to perform a kind of basic stabilization with all Slingtraining exercises, but you can increase or reduce the difficulty according to your fitness level. To stick with the slings, your body has to activate the so called "local stabilizers". These deep-seated closed to the joints located muscles, for example around the spine are  stabilizing , supporting  and protecting  the joints.


Why should you come to our clinic for Sling-Training?

·         Personal training with physical therapist

·         Certified Coaches

·         Small groups

·         Individual training according to your fitness level

·         Fun

·         Training according to your medical problems (back pain, herniated dics, shoulder injuries, knee problems, instabilities and more….)


We offer classes:

Personal Trainer 30 Min.   20€      /     5 times-ticket       85€

Group Training with Physician 45 Min.    15€   /     10 times-ticket     130€

Single Training without Physician  30 Min.  12€     /     10 times ticket  100€

For singel training you need to book 5 times training with Physician first.

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