Tuina is a manual therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Tuina consists of the chinese words "tui" = push and "na" = grab or pull.This kind of massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment of diseases in TCM. It is a method that does not wound or injure the integrity of the skin but still has its effects in the depth of the body. From the western point of view, it is a combination of manual therapy, acupressure and different massage techniques that are not comparable to the classic form of massages known to us. The TCM is based on the wholeness of the human body. That means it will not only be treating the physical body. The basic idea in TCM is an energetic system that finds its opposites in Yin and Yang. If Yin and Yang is in balance man is healthy. If the balance is disturbed it can cause disease. Just as important as Yin and Yang are also the so called meridians or energy pathways, in which energy flows (Qi). According to TCM diseases are caused by disruption of enrgy flow or an imbalance of the organs. With Tuina, blocks in the meridians would be removed and energy flow is promoted. Function of organs that are connected to the meridians are improved. Tuina is not only used for diseasebut is also recommended for prophylaxis.


How Tuina will be done?

The treatment takes place mostly on the clothed body. The therapist will use their fingers, palms or elbows. Depending on the complaint there will be done movements and manipulations on joints. The aim is to harmonize and to return the balance of Yin and Yang. Treatments will be adjusted in duration, intensity and nature to the individual patient.

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