Full Body Oil Massage  

49 €



Back massage with exfoliation   

25 €



Relax with Harmonious sounds and color light in peaceful Atmosphere from head to toe.

56 €



With the special wrapping technique with wrapping foil in combination with the special wrapping cream, the metabolic activity is stimulated. Accumulation of water and toxins are flushed out.







Wellness-Head treatments





massage with gemstones

each 25 €



Ayurveda Body and soul


The ayurveda body & soul is a modified massage of the traditional ayurveda-therapy. This massage relaxes with special oil and massage techniques in an incomparable way your body & soul.

59 €


Lomi Lomi kahi


Lomi Lomi is a relaxing traditional hawaiian full body massage for body & soul. The lomi lomi massage brings back the right energy flow, resulting in a complete physical and emotional wellbeing.

59 €


Hot Stone Massage




The Hot Stone is a harmonizing massage with hot basalt stones. The massage is perfect for a deep relaxation and to release energy blockages.

59 €


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