because salt is not just salt


Hundreds of millions of years ago our planet was completely covered by salt water. All life resolved from this. It is only in this original sea salt that minerals and trace elements are joined such that they can enter the cekks via the cell membranes. This allowes the body to absorb the vital elements of sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Without these foundations of life cells could not divide and nutrients could not be transformed into energy.

The table and sea salt offered nowadays includes sodium chloride in a concentration of 99,9%, partly mixed with iodine and fluoride, which means that it no longer contains the foundations of life. Our oceans are polluted with heavy metals like quicksilver, cadmium, lead, arsenic and many more. Öko-Test-magazine classified the halogen compounds of iodine, fluoride, bromine and chlorine as not recommendable since many of them are known to be allergy triggering and carcinogenic.

No life without salt

Today s consumption of salt is deemed as hazardous to health. This is owed to the fact that table salt nowadays has hardly anything to do with the original salt. KönigsSalz offers you the untreated spice of life without additives and unaffected by environmental influences. Salt the way it developed hundreds of millions of years ago, unrefined and containing all of the vitally  important minerals and trace elements. Thanks to its characteristic features it has a neutralising, balancing effect on our body, providing us with the energy we need.

You will hardly find a more efficient and elemental cure than natural salt in combination with fine spring water to activate your body´s regenerative capabilities and to restore your balance.

KönigsSalz has a high organic energy rating, repreenting the hoghest quality of salt in its natureal state.




crystal salt finely grounded





crystal salt finely grounded


crystal salt lumps

Fill a glass with the lumps and a structually strong natural water. After about two hours you will have a brine solution with a salt content of 26%. Top up the water if it evaporates and make sure that the salt crystals are covered. Add new salt crystals when they are completely dissolved.



crystal salt granules

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