Sabine Stein Cosmetic meets the highest standards of natural and skin-friendly cosmetics. The careful use of herbal active ingredients and nourishing ingredients combined with the latest developments in dermatological research. This ensures sustained effective, constructive and protective care.

Important in the development, was to create cosmetics make the skin needs all was righteous will. That is, they must build up the skin to regenerate, stabilize, preserve and protect all current environmental influences.

There are basically no ingredients with a known potential allergens used. Particular attention is paid to the purity and safety of the raw materials and ingredients. The beauty was specifically tailored to the needs of sensitive, dry, damaged and allergic skin. All products are manufactured under comprehensive quality criteria.






Our special care creams of Sabine Stein:






Moisturising care for any skin. The included natural oils take care of your skin and regenerade it.




       24h Light Cream:                                                  for normal skin

24h Rich Cream:                                                   for dry skin

                                                          24h Special Cream:                                              intensive moisturizing care for very dry skin

24h Skin Repair Cream:                                      for any skin




Cleansing milk





Cleans gently and thoroughly the skin of Make-Up and impurities and acts calming on the skin. The perfect way to prepare skin for skin care products.




Wash Peeling




Our natural wash peeling removes skin impurities and dead skin flakes. You get a clear and tender skin appearance.



Refreshing Tonic




It refreshes your skin after the cleaning and stabilizes the natural protective layer of your skin.



Face Mask/Regeneration mask





The face mask with valuable almond- and evening primrose oil give a special protection to the skin by essential fatty acid (gamma-linonenic acid) which allergen skin is not possible to produce on its own.

Aloe vera and vitamines B5 provides moisture, the included Vitamin C protects against free radicals. Regeneration of the skin is promoted by vitamine a and e (both are stimulating cell division). The skin is becoming more firm and elastic and the skin looks much fresher.



Sante nail polish remover



with organic orange oil; aceton free



Sante organic Goji and Olive hand cream



Intensively moisturizing for protective skin care. Contains precious organic goji berry extract and organic shea butter. The mild, soothing effect of organic camellia oil ensures silky smooth hands and prevents skin from drying out. Easy daily care, also recommended for sensitive and dry skin.



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